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Governor LePage…Where are his handlers???

  (WARNING!!!  The following blog will contain the opinion of an American citizen, exercising his right to free speech.  You WILL find remarks that can be seen as racist, offensive, and border on lewd.  If you think we live in a world of sunshine, rainbows, puppies, and whirled peas…MOVE on, so I don’t offend you) […]

An open letter of disgust to the Life Savers Candy company…(Warning naughty words implied)

Dear Destroyers of Tradition, WHEN the flippin HECK did the Life Savers Story Books come full of nothing but FIVE MOTHER JUMPING Flavors???? EFF YOU, YOU EFFING MOTHER JUMPERS!!!!!! EFF YOU!!!!! I will never ask Santa for one again! YOU EFFING A-HOLES!!!! Where’s the Butter Rum??? HUH??? Where’s the Tropical Fruit? ANSWER ME! And what […]

A VERY close call with a skunk proves my previous theories!

  I just had THE CLOSEST call with a skunk EVER!!! I’ve gotten a little lackadaisical in my precautionary tactics in dealing with skunks, since I have to date, caught and released 5 skunks since the 2nd of October. I caught a skunk last night in an un-baited trap. It was the trap I had […]

The amazingly simple way to get the smell of skunk out of your home

Have you ever been sitting in the living room watching TV, only to have your eyes and nose assaulted with the smell of very close, very fresh skunk? You determine that nobody in the household has actually been sprayed, yet the overwhelming smell has filled your home. What do you do? Well out at my […]

Limited time offer….FREE SKUNK!***

  You heard me correctly!  For a very limited time you can have your very own skunk!  Imagine the fun you will have as you clear crowded lines by simply taking the cover off his cage! Or how about your brother in law who always comes over to your place to watch football?  He loudly […]

Skunks, chickens, and live traps..OH MY!!!

If you follow my blog, you know I witnessed a skunk killing one of my hens a couple of nights ago.  I also noted that I suspected that one of the two pullets she was raising was also missing in action.  Sadly, I found the remains of the little chicken, as well as a second brood hen, […]

Killer skunk

A short while ago I shared some tips on how I have dealt with problem skunks.  I had mentioned them to be pretty docile, and said that to the best of my knowledge I had never lost any chickens to them.  That all changed a few hours after I had gone to bed last night. […]

Got skunks? You can handle them! I’ll tell you how!

  A sure sign of autumn is the smell of skunks in the yard. If you are fortunate, you get the “skunk from a distance” smell, that many folks, myself included, find to be rather pleasant. To me, the distant smell of a skunk is reminiscent of ‘Triscuit’ crackers. But if you are not so […]