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McDonald’s new all day menu is causing McMeltdowns in some franchises

On October 6, McDonald’s launched its all day breakfast menu on a national level, and according to a Business Insider┬áreport, some franchises are not happy with the new change. They claim that product quality, ticket sales, and productivity are all suffering, and the article quotes one franchisee as saying,”Customers are abandoning us in droves because […]

Got some extra apples? Try my roast pork stew!

Every time fall rolls around I start to get the hankering for soups and stews. At one point I was pretty sure my beef stew was the best you could get. Then one year when I was in Alaska, I made baked stuffed rabbit with apple dressing, for a bunch of my friends. We had […]

How to select the perfect watermelon

Watermelon! It is either nature’s candy, a cool filling drink of water on a hot day, or a bitter mushy mess! The difference is all in careful selection! I chuckle when I see folks walk up to a bin of watermelons and grab one or two and toss them into their cart like they were […]