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Take a child ice fishing and build memories!

I took my son William on his first ice fishing trip out on Etna Pond. It was February 2013, and it was his first time fishing at all. (Aside from fishing in a little pool of water at a campground that was stocked with brookies, for young campers to take, when he was three.) It was […]

Stetson man encounters deadly monster in a local pond

January 4th 2016 dawned cold and sunny. I decided to head to a local body of water to do some early season ice fishing. I had no idea of the horror that waited for me in the shallows! I had heard reports that some vicious white, and yellow perch had been attacking children who waded […]

Be smart while fishing on thin ice? A NOT so friendly public service announcement.

BE SMART WHILE FISHING ON THIN ICE That has to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard! How is there a smart way to do something that is not only dangerous, but incredibly stupid? January 1st is the official start to the ice fishing season in Maine.  Stepping foot outside today, […]

The great Sebasticook Lake drawdown conspiracy

Every autumn, the water level on Sebasticook Lake in Newport is partially drained, for the winter. Then in the spring the dam is closed, and the water is allowed to rise in time for the summer festivities Last year the water level was the lowest I had ever seen it since I first started ice-fishing there. […]

The unluckiest fisherman in the world!

I used to think I loved fishing. But really? I begin to loathe it more and more all the time! Up until this year, I loved saltwater fishing, and ice fishing. I still love ice fishing! As a kid, I grew up in Bath, and spent a lot of time on the coast fishing with […]