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Now that spring has sprung…So have my goats…

The days are getting longer, and warmer. My goats have been sticking close to their little barn all winter, and have been content to huddle together and chew their cud. Before I get too far into things, I should point out that I have added two more goats, to the herd of three I had. […]

“Zom”bees! Coming soon to a hive near you!

As if the noble honey bee doesn’t have things hard enough as it is, with Colony Collapse Disorder, there is a new menace that is wreaking havoc on bees from coast to coast, and it almost seems to come from some “B-Movie Horror Flick! (no pun intended) Bee keepers have found bees leaving the hive […]

I will never forget the great goat air rescue of 2015…

    We have certainly had an interesting month of December! The above average temperatures have been a blessing not only to our oil bill, but to our chicken feed bill as well! The chickens are still scratching up wet leaves, and snatching up the creepy crawlies they find underneath. The lack of snow on […]

You can lead your chickens to grain…But you cant make them peck!

Chickens! I’ve had them since 2009, and somehow they always seem to find a way to make me scratch my head in disbelief. My chickens are free range. Their primary mission at my house is insect control. Based on some of the comments that were left by readers of past blogs concerning ticks, some of […]