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To “HEP!” goats properly, you need the right equipment!

The goats have been getting a little harder to round up these days, so I took a ride to the farm I had stopped at last summer, where I had bought some special goat herding equipment. When I pulled into the barnyard, a farm hand walked up and asked if he could help me. I […]

A feast of apples a day keeps the goats at bay!

For the time being the goats have lost their obsession with chicken feed when they are out of the pen to graze. Now they are obsessed with apples! Down in the area that once was, and one day will be again, my shade garden, there is an old apple tree. I don’t know what kind […]

Goats launch chemical attack on Stetson man

Late Saturday afternoon a Stetson man was attacked by a group of goats, as he over saw their grazing activities. The three goats had been feeding on weeds, grasses, and fallen apples in an over grown section of a Stetson property when the attack occurred. Complete details are unclear at the moment, but it appears […]

The goats are up to something

My goats are up to something. I know they are. I just KNOW it. For more than a week now they have been super well behaved. Last week an old friend dropped by, and I showed him my goats. I let them out to graze, thinking we could sit and chat while the goats had […]

The Great Goatdini

    I woke to the alarm this morning at 6:00, and made my way down the hall to William’s room to roust him for the day. Along the way I looked out “the goat window”…(formerly known as the chicken window, and later the dog window, perhaps it was even once called the hall window […]

Goats, and the never ending quest for chicken feed

So my goats LOVE chicken feed. Problem is, they are not supposed to have it. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really know why, and I still have yet to find out. Mostly because I am far too busy keeping them out of it to do the research! As many of you know, I have […]

Goats are naughty!

Yesterday there was a breach in my “goat proof” fence!  I’m not sure where I went wrong??? I mean yeah, I know, I DID use salvaged material, but I zip stripped the gaps, I made sure the fence posts were set deep, and well secured, I covered the pallet portion with wire, and I stapled […]

How to build a goat proof fence

One of the key steps in building a goat proof fence is using premium material.  You may be tempted to up cycle materials you find around town, but DON’T DO IT!  Older material will cause you problems down the line! You need wire fencing with solid welds. Also you need solid posts, set deep. Another […]