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I will never forget the great goat air rescue of 2015…

    We have certainly had an interesting month of December! The above average temperatures have been a blessing not only to our oil bill, but to our chicken feed bill as well! The chickens are still scratching up wet leaves, and snatching up the creepy crawlies they find underneath. The lack of snow on […]

Ticks are destroying my love for the woods!

Ticks!  I hate them!  Vile little critters.  They crawl up your body looking for a cozy place to dig in and sip your blood.  You might feel them crawling along, but when you scratch, they flatten themselves out, and you pass right over them! It used to be that you could go into the woods every […]

Despite the publicity, bullying is still rampant in Maine schools

In a rural Maine school, an attractive young girl, with a genuine smile, bubbly personality, and beautiful long hair skips her lunch, because some of her rotten classmates tell her she is fat. What’s more, they tell her she is ugly, and that she should become a lesbian because no man would ever want her. […]