A drunk driver got my goat(s)…

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to share here. Due to a car accident that took place out at my place on Sunday May 15, 2016 I was forced to seek a new home for my 3 goats.


“Smeck” on the right, “Billy” on the left, and “Kramer” in the back munching apples last Fall


These goats belonged to a friend of mine, who promised a man who died from Lou Gehrig’s Disease that she would do her best to care for them, or find a loving home.


“Billy” causing a distraction for my wife to photograph, while the other goats get into michief

I had them for a year , and I loved them to pieces. They had been the source of laughter to literally thousands of readers who had visited my blog, but  I just couldn’t keep them.

I had been working with them in a new grazing/browsing area, and getting them used to the idea of moving from location to location, for grazing/browsing behind electrified fencing. The intent being to put them in areas of my yard that have a lot of poison ivy. I only have an acre so free range was not possible.

The crash happened very near the goats, and it caused them to bolt through the fence. Two of them jumped it, and learned they could do it, any time they wanted to. If you have goats, you understand my problem. I would never be able to keep them in any fence less than 6 feet tall, electric or otherwise, and I couldn’t afford to both feed and care for them, AND replace my fencing at the same time. So I had re-home them.


“Kramer” in front, and “Smeck” behind.

They went to live on a 25 acre horse farm, where they have a lot more room than they could ever get here.  Their new owner sends me pics and videos now and then, but not having them makes me sad.  They were so much fun, and such a great inspiration for my writing.

If you EVER drink and drive, PLEASE understand how you play a role in the lives of people who are simply trying to live their own lives when you have an accident!  My alleged drunk driver was apparently bringing home Chinese food.  She spent 3 days in jail, was given a fine of $800, and lost her license for 150 days.  I feel like I was punished far more, and I didn’t even do anything!

Doug Alley

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