Monthly Archives: January 2016

Stetson man encounters deadly monster in a local pond

January 4th 2016 dawned cold and sunny. I decided to head to a local body of water to do some early season ice fishing. I had no idea of the horror that waited for me in the shallows! I had heard reports that some vicious white, and yellow perch had been attacking children who waded […]

Equality means accepting EVERYBODY, even if they are people you dont like.

I recently saw a video where a man was using his free time to harass some people who were protesting a fracking operation. A black man, who is a freelance video journalist was filming the incident. The man harassing the protesters began making racial comments directed at the photographer. He even went so far […]

An open letter of disgust to the Life Savers Candy company…(Warning naughty words implied)

Dear Destroyers of Tradition, WHEN the flippin HECK did the Life Savers Story Books come full of nothing but FIVE MOTHER JUMPING Flavors???? EFF YOU, YOU EFFING MOTHER JUMPERS!!!!!! EFF YOU!!!!! I will never ask Santa for one again! YOU EFFING A-HOLES!!!! Where’s the Butter Rum??? HUH??? Where’s the Tropical Fruit? ANSWER ME! And what […]

Be smart while fishing on thin ice? A NOT so friendly public service announcement.

BE SMART WHILE FISHING ON THIN ICE That has to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard! How is there a smart way to do something that is not only dangerous, but incredibly stupid? January 1st is the official start to the ice fishing season in Maine.  Stepping foot outside today, […]