Monthly Archives: September 2015

‘Middle Namers’… What the heck is their problem anyway?

Doug Alley

  There are a whole bunch of people wandering around ignoring their first names, and using their middle names instead! HOW DARE THEY? If their parents had wanted them to use their middle names instead of their first names, wouldn’t their middle names be their first, and their first names be their middle? I have a […]

The goats are up to something

My goats are up to something. I know they are. I just KNOW it. For more than a week now they have been super well behaved. Last week an old friend dropped by, and I showed him my goats. I let them out to graze, thinking we could sit and chat while the goats had […]

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and a link to 9/11

  I was watching ‘Deep Space Nine’ on Netflix last night, Friday September 11. That wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I watch an episode or two every day. Netflix is cheaper than satellite, and we don’t get cable in the woods. Three minutes into the episode I was watching, things DID get a bit […]

Is stopping Lyme disease as simple as DDT?

When I was a kid, if you saw a great blue heron, an osprey, or a bald eagle, you stopped whatever you were doing and you watched that bird. My parents told me they were dying off, and I may never see one again. One place in Woolwich along US RT 1 would have cars lined […]

What do I think about “Dear Fat People”? The answer may surprise you!

I was reading a few online news sites, and I came across a headline where some woman was being censored by YouTube for a video she posted called “Dear Fat People”. I did a quick search on and found the video easily enough, and it was on YouTube.  So apparently the powers that be […]

Thrill seekers take the plunge at Smalls Falls

  The unseasonably warm weather brought many folks to the crystal clear pools beneath the cascading water falls at Smalls Falls, in Township E, on Rt. 4 just a few miles south of Rangeley, on Labor Day. Along with the picnickers, sight seers, and folks content to swim in the icy pools came the daredevils! […]

Tragedy in the goat pen?

Sunday morning I was up and at em early. I figured I would let the goats out to graze for a bit before it got too hot. I got to the pen, and opened the gate, but the goats were at the far end of the enclosure, and didn’t seem to want to come out. […]

I REALLY want it to be fall…But that wont make it happen

Most of the time in the summer you will hear me complaining about the heat. I hate the heat. I don’t mind being warm, but I really hate being hot. This summer didn’t really seem to be so bad. I never really noticed it being all that hot. Apparently this weekend is supposed to rank […]

Stanford Management Co. seeks to improve saftey of residents…Simple GUNS!

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF BANGOR DAILY NEWS.  I AM SPEAKING MY MIND FROM BLOG SPACE PROVIDED TO ME BY BDN.  THE FOLLOWING IS MY OWN OPINION Stanford Management Co. out of Portland has insisted that 67 year old Harvey Lembo give up his gun after learning that he shot an intruder in […]

The Great Goatdini

    I woke to the alarm this morning at 6:00, and made my way down the hall to William’s room to roust him for the day. Along the way I looked out “the goat window”…(formerly known as the chicken window, and later the dog window, perhaps it was even once called the hall window […]