Monthly Archives: August 2015

Poison Ivy

So my son’s cat was hit by a car, and I had to retrieve him from a patch of poison ivy. I wore gum rubber muck boots, and I used a shovel to pick poor old Murray up. What I HADN’T thought about was the spade being contaminated with urushiol, and being transferred to the […]

Maine State Police launch social attack on uninspected motorist

A recent facebook post by ‘Maine State Police-Headquarters’ showed pictures of a truck that had been pulled over recently on a Maine road sometime yesterday, August 15, 2015…   “Maine State Police – Headquarters 10 hrs · Edited · . Inspection stickers? We don’t need no stinkin’ inspection stickers! This rolling cradle of death was […]

The cost of living on a country road

I love living on a country road. You never know what you are going to see around the next bend. And that is why you need to be extra careful when traveling on them. The hardest thing I’ve had to do since becoming a father 10 years ago was tell my son that I had […]

My first week as a blogger

My first week as a blogger has come to an end, and in a seven day period I topped out at just over 2000 visits to my page! WOW! Thanks you guys! I never expected so much attention to my stories! The blogs I posted last week were mainly bits of humor from my daily […]

The unluckiest fisherman in the world!

I used to think I loved fishing. But really? I begin to loathe it more and more all the time! Up until this year, I loved saltwater fishing, and ice fishing. I still love ice fishing! As a kid, I grew up in Bath, and spent a lot of time on the coast fishing with […]

How to select the perfect watermelon

Watermelon! It is either nature’s candy, a cool filling drink of water on a hot day, or a bitter mushy mess! The difference is all in careful selection! I chuckle when I see folks walk up to a bin of watermelons and grab one or two and toss them into their cart like they were […]

Goats are naughty!

Yesterday there was a breach in my “goat proof” fence!  I’m not sure where I went wrong??? I mean yeah, I know, I DID use salvaged material, but I zip stripped the gaps, I made sure the fence posts were set deep, and well secured, I covered the pallet portion with wire, and I stapled […]

The art of “Hammock”…

The past few days have given us a taste of things to come… Warm sunny days kept mild and dry by cool breezes. It’s no secret, I hate summer! I live for crisp fall days! One of my favorite activities on a warm fall day is to relax in my hammock. I learned that there […]

Large white ape spotted in Stetson

We had some excitement out to my place overnight. It was about 3 am when I heard a car out in front slam on its brakes, and lay on its horn. I was afraid that one of my goats hat escaped my ”goat proof” fence and had just been hit by a car! The car […]

How to build a goat proof fence

One of the key steps in building a goat proof fence is using premium material.  You may be tempted to up cycle materials you find around town, but DON’T DO IT!  Older material will cause you problems down the line! You need wire fencing with solid welds. Also you need solid posts, set deep. Another […]