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WHY are we coddling our criminals???

  OK..So allegedly, this dude meets a woman on the Internet. They decide they should meet in person, and end up dating for a month or so. Finally they attend a Seattle Mariners game together. From there, something went insanely wrong. Allegedly sometime after the game, 37 year old John Robert Charlton killed 40 year old […]

Students, alumni and parents manage to convince Morse High School administrators to adhere to traditional colors for 2016 graduation

“The Blue and the White, Colors ever dear to me. Banner of Morse High, the flag of victory. Rah, rah, rah! Blue and the White When we hear the battle cry, We’ll fight for the glory of The Blue and White of Old Morse High! M-O-R-S-E M-O-R-S-E Blue White Blue and White, get in and […]

MUD SEASON…How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways!

Early spring in Maine, is a horrible, HORRIBLE time of year! Even when the sun is out, and it is warm, it is still miserable… Everything is brown and gray. The ground is wet and muddy. There is standing water and mud everywhere. My yard is a swamp!  My chickens are soggy, and my goats need muckers! The […]

Keeping our children safe?

So apparently a part-time life guard employed by the Brunswick, Maine YMCA was recently arrested on child pornography charges. I don’t know the details, and that particular incident isn’t really my concern. What bothers me, is that the YMCA is supposed to be a safe place for our children to hang out on weekends, and […]

On a road less traveled I found… The Smiling Guy

There is an old country road I like to travel. The first portion of it is paved, and then a portion is gravel before returning back to pavement. As you drive along the 5 miles or so you see hay fields that often hold geese, turkeys and deer. In the fall when the leaves change […]

Conspiracy theorist’s dream proves his theory…but is actually a pretty good idea!

  The idea came to me in a dream, but it made so much sense that I had to get out of bed, and get it down, to make sure I didn’t lose it. In the dream, I was at a children’s shelter in a crappy part of a large city. I was walking through […]

Are we on the brink of a civil war in The United States?

For more than a decade now, things in America have been getting tense. People do not trust their elected officials. Scandals seem to be swept under the rug. People suspect election frauds. Some say that Presidential elections have been rigged. Free speech, illegal search and seizure, and gun rights have all been under attack. People […]

February 5 has been snowy THREE years in a row! (And that’s just fine by me!)

I was looking back at facebook memories, and I had made comments about snow on 5 Feb in 2011, 2014, and 2015, and now we are getting a pretty big storm on 5 Feb 2016! I don’t have local TV out here in the wilds of Stetson, so the last I had heard, today there […]

“Brave” fisherman reveals a secret, after successfully ridding Etna Pond of brook trout

I love fishing.  I am just not very good at it…Well…No…That’s not totally accurate… I am GREAT at fishing, it is the CATCHING that eludes me. One thing you may not be aware of, is I am NOT a fan of open water fishing.  I’m not even much of a fan in open water swimming […]

Me… “A flat out liar”???? I THINK NOT!!! My reaction to a recent critic…

  (Please be advised.  I am NOT employed by Bangor Daily News.  Bangor Daily News has provided me with blog space.  The folks at Bangor Daily News and their advertisers are not always going to see things the same way as I do.  And the same can be said about me, and the folks who […]