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Ratchet straps, cargo hooks and fence posts: Not your typical ice fishing gear


I have this buddy who claims to LOVE fishing…But apparently he doesn’t consider ice fishing to be in the same category, so after a poor night’s sleep a few years back he decided to stand me up for a planned day out on the ice…Instead, he suggested we do something more amusing…like some mid-winter yard […]

I thought I was all ready for ice fishing season. Then I discovered I had been sabotaged!


Without a doubt, ice fishing is one of my all-time favorite activities, because it is SO MUCH more than just fishing! I mean there are SO many things you can do while you are ice fishing: Hang out on the ice with friends, cooking, listen to music, ride snowmobiles/ATVs, sit in a comfy chair and […]

Seriously…I hate open water fishing!


Fellow blogger and registered Maine Guide, John Floyd often posts pictures of big fish he has caught, and almost as often I comment on how I rarely even DREAM of catching fish that big! Accepting that catching a bass in the four-pound class is just not going to happen for me. Being a great guy, […]

An unlucky fisherman seeks to change his luck!


A fellow blogger had posted on his facebook page that he had been feeling a little nostalgic for brook and stream fishing. And I have to admit, his idea sounded pretty good! I hadn’t gotten much ice fishing in this past season because of crappy conditions at my favorite fishing hole. I used to fish […]

Got a freezer full of fish from last week’s ice fishing trip? You may be breaking the law!


When did hunting and fishing stop being a good way to feed your family? On a facebook forum, a member discussed how he liked to trade his daily catch for Chinese food from one of his favorite restaurants. Many of us knew this was not a good thing to be posting publicly, because by saying […]

“Brave” fisherman reveals a secret, after successfully ridding Etna Pond of brook trout

Brooktrouticus Horriblisiticous:  More commonly know as the brook trout.  (Photo MDIF&W)

I love fishing.  I am just not very good at it…Well…No…That’s not totally accurate… I am GREAT at fishing, it is the CATCHING that eludes me. One thing you may not be aware of, is I am NOT a fan of open water fishing.  I’m not even much of a fan in open water swimming […]

Battle weary fisherman, defender of local waters seeks your help, to continue the fight

THIS IS A CALL OUT TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO LIVE, OR RECREATE ON LAKES AND PONDS IN AND AROUND STETSON, ETNA, AND NEWPORT, MAINE… As I am sure you all know, that on well near 5 occasions in 2016, I have risked life and limb to save you from THE DREADED TROUT! Most […]

Take a child ice fishing and build memories!


I took my son William on his first ice fishing trip out on Etna Pond. It was February 2013, and it was his first time fishing at all. (Aside from fishing in a little pool of water at a campground that was stocked with brookies, for young campers to take, when he was three.) It was […]

Stetson man encounters deadly monster in a local pond


January 4th 2016 dawned cold and sunny. I decided to head to a local body of water to do some early season ice fishing. I had no idea of the horror that waited for me in the shallows! I had heard reports that some vicious white, and yellow perch had been attacking children who waded […]

Be smart while fishing on thin ice? A NOT so friendly public service announcement.

BE SMART WHILE FISHING ON THIN ICE That has to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard! How is there a smart way to do something that is not only dangerous, but incredibly stupid? January 1st is the official start to the ice fishing season in Maine.  Stepping foot outside today, […]