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Lost a dog? Found one? Contact Maine Lost Dog Recovery

If you own a dog, it is going to run off. It happens. And with particular breeds, it can happen often! Thankfully, you have an entire network of searchers at your fingertips, as well as a template for “LOST DOG” flyers, and a wealth of information on ways to help bring your canine family members […]

Rented apartments and guns…Whose rights do you trample?

Ever since August of 2015 when wheelchair bound Harvey Lembo shot an intruder in his Rockland, Maine¬†apartment there has been a lot of talk concerning renters who want guns, and landlords who want gun free properties. It turns out that Mr. Lembo’s rental agreement included a rule that weapons were not allowed in his apartment, […]

Now that spring has sprung…So have my goats…

The days are getting longer, and warmer. My goats have been sticking close to their little barn all winter, and have been content to huddle together and chew their cud. Before I get too far into things, I should point out that I have added two more goats, to the herd of three I had. […]

The adventures of thawing a furnace line

It was about 4:15 am…I was cold… Cold and in bed at that hour can mean only one thing… The water in the bottom of my oil tank had frozen… Again! Yes, I know:¬† Winter blend, Diesel 911, dry gas…I’ve tried it all. There are two simple solutions…First, wait till the tank is just about […]

You can lead your chickens to grain…But you cant make them peck!

Chickens! I’ve had them since 2009, and somehow they always seem to find a way to make me scratch my head in disbelief. My chickens are free range. Their primary mission at my house is insect control. Based on some of the comments that were left by readers of past blogs concerning ticks, some of […]

Tragic shooting in Bath causes undue fear over the new “Constitutional Carry” law

Late Monday afternoon, 22-year-old Chelsea Jones, of Thomaston was accidentally shot in the back of the head, by her boyfriend 23-year-old Dylan Grubbs. Mr. Grubbs had gone to a parking lot in Bath to meet a prospective buyer for his handgun. Unfortunately, the weapon was loaded, and it discharged. This is a very sad accident. […]

Are you in the Holiday spirit? Care to share some firewood?

We’ve been lucky so far this year, and the cold air has stayed away.¬† We all know that wont last long. It is going to get cold…VERY cold, and many Mainers, myself included will have a rough time making sure the furnace has oil, the pellet stove has pellets, or the wood stoves have wood. […]

Shooting dogs…You do what you have to do!

I’m not going to earn any new friends from this post. Let’s face it, people shooting dogs, or any other pets are considered monsters. I’m serious! Watch a violent movie filled with gruesome scenes of blood and gore, then in the middle of all the violence let the scene change to a happy one, with […]

Cops given the OK to steal items from unlocked cars

Doug Alley

In one New Haven CT neighborhood, cops walking a beat are now looking into parked cars, and removing items that they consider to be valuable, and are then placing them in the property room at the police station, where the rightful owners can pick them up. They say this is NOT a violation of search […]

A VERY close call with a skunk proves my previous theories!

  I just had THE CLOSEST call with a skunk EVER!!! I’ve gotten a little lackadaisical in my precautionary tactics in dealing with skunks, since I have to date, caught and released 5 skunks since the 2nd of October. I caught a skunk last night in an un-baited trap. It was the trap I had […]