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The adventures of thawing a furnace line

It was about 4:15 am…I was cold… Cold and in bed at that hour can mean only one thing… The water in the bottom of my oil tank had frozen… Again! Yes, I know:  Winter blend, Diesel 911, dry gas…I’ve tried it all. There are two simple solutions…First, wait till the tank is just about […]

What if that’s the last thing you ever say to me?

My son was gathering up his things to go to school.  I asked him if he had done his homework.  Turns out he hadn’t!  He promised he would do it on the bus.  I scooted out an email to his teacher letting her know that if he didn’t have his homework, I would be sending […]

Despite the publicity, bullying is still rampant in Maine schools

In a rural Maine school, an attractive young girl, with a genuine smile, bubbly personality, and beautiful long hair skips her lunch, because some of her rotten classmates tell her she is fat. What’s more, they tell her she is ugly, and that she should become a lesbian because no man would ever want her. […]