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Welcome to the United Socialist States of America (USSA)

That is where we are heading folks. Think about it. If the minimum wage becomes $15 an hour, will that mean that everybody else at or below $15 gets a $7.75 raise? If so, what about the folks above it?  Will they get raises? The answer is obviously no, they wont! So what does happen […]

CHRISTMAS! Can you say “B-a-a-a-a-ah!”?

I often write stories about my three goats, ‘Smeck’, ‘Kramer’, and ‘Billy’. Today, I am going to write about sheep. These sheep are all around us! These are the people who have been sucked into the commercial aspect of Christmas! When I was a kid growing up in the 70’s, people used to get paid […]

Cops given the OK to steal items from unlocked cars

Doug Alley

In one New Haven CT neighborhood, cops walking a beat are now looking into parked cars, and removing items that they consider to be valuable, and are then placing them in the property room at the police station, where the rightful owners can pick them up. They say this is NOT a violation of search […]

Do you really want to be free?

I wrote the following piece a year ago today. Long before I ever considered having a blog. Last year people were criticizing Kaci Hickox for refusing to quarantine herself, and everybody was up in arms about same sex marriages. This year we are all upset over school team mascots, confederate flags, STILL same sex marriages […]

“Ring Around The Blackberries” and “Catch Me If You Can!”…Ah the games goats will play!

The goats have been pretty well-behaved since fall has arrived. Down in my shade garden, there is an old apple tree that produces little yellow apples with the perfect combination of sweet apples, and tart apples. I don’t mean that each apple has a sweet/tart flavor. I mean the apple will either be nice and […]

Philadelphia freeloaders sleep peacefully, while their two year old wanders the park unsupervised.

According to a recent MSN News story a two-year old boy and his four-year old sister are in the hands of Philadelphia’s child welfare agency after the two-year old was found wandering barefoot in a park sometime Friday night. Must be this family was trying to take advantage of  the generosity of the taxpayers in “The City Of Brotherly […]

The great Sebasticook Lake drawdown conspiracy

Every autumn, the water level on Sebasticook Lake in Newport is partially drained, for the winter. Then in the spring the dam is closed, and the water is allowed to rise in time for the summer festivities Last year the water level was the lowest I had ever seen it since I first started ice-fishing there. […]

Is your kid trying to guilt you into a sick day?

My kid hates school. I don’t mean he dislikes it with a passion, he HATES it. It is a fight to get him out of bed more often than it isn’t. He has started in already with the old, “I don’t feel good routine”. Last year we gave him the benefit of the doubt. In […]

Goats launch chemical attack on Stetson man

Late Saturday afternoon a Stetson man was attacked by a group of goats, as he over saw their grazing activities. The three goats had been feeding on weeds, grasses, and fallen apples in an over grown section of a Stetson property when the attack occurred. Complete details are unclear at the moment, but it appears […]

The goats are up to something

My goats are up to something. I know they are. I just KNOW it. For more than a week now they have been super well behaved. Last week an old friend dropped by, and I showed him my goats. I let them out to graze, thinking we could sit and chat while the goats had […]