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A gorilla is dead, but a child is alive.

By now we have all heard about the tragic incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a four-year old boy managed to slip past his parents, and into a gorilla enclosure, leading to an encounter with the gorilla that left the gorilla dead, and the boy injured. There has been a lot of mud-slinging back and […]

Helping turtles on “World Turtle Day”

It’s May 23, and it is World Turtle Day! And in my neighborhood anyway, the turtles are crossing the road! My wife and I helped our first one of the season on Saturday afternoon. It was an Eastern painted turtle, and like many more of its kind, it was a female who had either just […]

The alleged drunk driver who allegedly drove through my apple tree (Or how I spent my Sunday evening)

  Last evening, May 15 2016, my family and I arrived home to discover that a bale of hay that had been delivered, was dropped off in the wrong place. So my son and I decided to move it to where it belonged. My wife snapped a few pics, as we decided the ordeal would […]

You never know when a family outing will become a lasting memory

  Last summer, I believe it was late June, we surprised out son with a scenic flight of the Bath/Brunswick area. His 10th birthday was coming up, and he had spoken before about wanting to fly in a plane, and maybe get his pilot’s someday. My wife Jen, who often finds out great deals for […]

Students, alumni and parents manage to convince Morse High School administrators to adhere to traditional colors for 2016 graduation

“The Blue and the White, Colors ever dear to me. Banner of Morse High, the flag of victory. Rah, rah, rah! Blue and the White When we hear the battle cry, We’ll fight for the glory of The Blue and White of Old Morse High! M-O-R-S-E M-O-R-S-E Blue White Blue and White, get in and […]

Keeping our children safe?

So apparently a part-time life guard employed by the Brunswick, Maine YMCA was recently arrested on child pornography charges. I don’t know the details, and that particular incident isn’t really my concern. What bothers me, is that the YMCA is supposed to be a safe place for our children to hang out on weekends, and […]

Ah! The joy of Daylight Savings Time!

Daylight Savings Time… The time of year that we get an extra hour of daylight! I’m not really sure how it is an EXTRA hour…and I don’t know who started this deal in the first place…I suppose I could take a few minutes to look it up, but I’m too tired! My brain INSISTS it […]

Conspiracy theorist’s dream proves his theory…but is actually a pretty good idea!

  The idea came to me in a dream, but it made so much sense that I had to get out of bed, and get it down, to make sure I didn’t lose it. In the dream, I was at a children’s shelter in a crappy part of a large city. I was walking through […]

Sledding…Its all fun and games…Especially when you get a face full of snow!

So on Saturday, in the middle of a snowstorm, we ventured into Brewer, and Bangor to run some errands. Recent single digit temperatures had caused a freeze up in our water pipes that turning the heat up didn’t solve. I had to get under the trailer, and that meant I had to open up the […]

Take a child ice fishing and build memories!

I took my son William on his first ice fishing trip out on Etna Pond. It was February 2013, and it was his first time fishing at all. (Aside from fishing in a little pool of water at a campground that was stocked with brookies, for young campers to take, when he was three.) It was […]