Can you identify this mystery slab in Livermore?

In one of the facebook groups I belong to, a member posted a picture of this large concrete slab with eye hooks in it. She hadn’t noticed it before she bought the property, so she never got a chance to ask the previous owner what it was.

Now five years later, curiosity has her seeking assistance.

Since the septic tank and the well were in a known location closer to the house, it was decided that this was not part of the plumbing to the property, and although it is near the water, it is a fair distance from the water, and up on a hill, ruling out a mooring place for boats…So just what is this slab for?

Her post got a huge response on the group posting, and I shared the picture on my own facebook page as well. Theories abound as to what this is, but so far one thing is certain… Nobody has come up with a (pardon the pun) concrete answer.

The slab is roughly about 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, and about a foot or so thick. And a little bit of digging suggests that it is not a cap to something.  It sits on a 5-acre property in Livermore, that once had a horse or two, and maybe a few sheep.  It is a good 200 feet away from any buildings.

There doesn’t appear to be anything underneath, except for a base of sand.









A few popular ideas as to what this might have been used for include, a hitching post for grooming animals, a secure tie down for canoes/kayaks/picnic tables, and even some sort of bomb shelter or bunker.

One of the more popular, not so likely ideas is that it is some sort of grave. People have suggested, Jimmy Hoffa, and Dracula. Another person suggested it is for tying down zombies.

I decided to share these photos, with permission from the owner of the slab, in the hopes that somebody knows the whole story behind it. Maybe somebody reading this is the previous owner or knew the previous owner.









In any event I figured many of you would have some good theories of your own.

So…what do YOU think? Share your answers below!

Doug Alley

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