WHY are we coddling our criminals???


OK..So allegedly, this dude meets a woman on the Internet. They decide they should meet in person, and end up dating for a month or so. Finally they attend a Seattle Mariners game together. From there, something went insanely wrong.

Allegedly sometime after the game, 37 year old John Robert Charlton killed 40 year old mother of three Ingrid Lyne, in her home.

It is also alleged that he apparently cut up her body, loaded it into her own vehicle, and dumped the body parts in various locations of Seattle, and then abandoned her vehicle down town.

Mr Charlton is being charged with murder and auto theft. According to a recent post on MSN,  “Murder charges filed in Renton woman’s dismemberment “ if Mr. Charlton is convicted he could serve 21 to almost 28 years in prison.

WHAT??? I mean SERIOUSLY? WHAT?!?!? ALMOST 28 years in prison for killing a woman, chopping up her body, tossing it out with the recyclables, and using her own car to do it???? ALMOST 28 years????

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Remember the good ole days when you got put down like a dog for killing people? Some thought that was a bit harsh. I mean, if a dude kills somebody, and you kill him back…How is he going to learn from that? We need to rehabilitate people.

ESPECIALLY this guy, granted, in the United States we are innocent until proven guilty, I mean he just needs some understanding. He even admits he is “not a normal person”, and “a mean drunk”.  He has only got a record in six states, surely he can learn to behave!

His parents were even so afraid of him that they actually tried to get a protection order against him!

WHAT is wrong with this country??? Why are we not putting these ANIMALS away FOREVER????

Look at it like this… Leslie Van Houten is 66 years old. She has been in prison since before Mr. Charlton, and Ms. Lyne were even born!

What did she do? Well she took place in the “Manson Family” murder of the La Biancas back in 1969…And by “took place” she apparently just stabbed Mrs. La Bianca AFTER she was already dead.  She was just 19 years old.

She has been denied parole TWENTY TIMES! And as far as I am concerned that is GREAT! If she lives long enough, I hope she is denied twenty more times, because she has NO BUSINESS walking among the rest of us!

If you kill, rape, kidnap, or severely beat people YOU ARE AN ANIMAL! If I had an animal that caused serious harm to somebody, I WOULD KILL IT! Plain and simple.

I’ll go out on a limb here, and extend my opinion. If you run from or charge at the police, I hope they shoot you down. If you rob somebody, I hope they shoot you down. If you break into somebody’s house, even if you are not armed, and only planned to steal their belongings, I hope they shoot you down! If you habitually steal things and don’t get shot in the act, or have a habit of drunk driving and you have managed to avoid killing somebody/yourself, or you like to fight with others because they made you mad, I think you should rot in jail.

The “people” above are habitual offenders, or violent people. They are not afraid to go to jail. They do not follow the rules. They do not belong on the street enjoying life, because they have intentionally caused grief to others for their own selfish, or sick and twisted reasons.

I’m not saying everybody that does the things mentioned above should be put to death 100% of the time. But they most certainly should be put away forever!

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