Monthly Archives: October 2015

McDonald’s new all day menu is causing McMeltdowns in some franchises

On October 6, McDonald’s launched its all day breakfast menu on a national level, and according to a Business Insider report, some franchises are not happy with the new change. They claim that product quality, ticket sales, and productivity are all suffering, and the article quotes one franchisee as saying,”Customers are abandoning us in droves because […]

Limited time offer….FREE SKUNK!***

  You heard me correctly!  For a very limited time you can have your very own skunk!  Imagine the fun you will have as you clear crowded lines by simply taking the cover off his cage! Or how about your brother in law who always comes over to your place to watch football?  He loudly […]

Skunks, chickens, and live traps..OH MY!!!

If you follow my blog, you know I witnessed a skunk killing one of my hens a couple of nights ago.  I also noted that I suspected that one of the two pullets she was raising was also missing in action.  Sadly, I found the remains of the little chicken, as well as a second brood hen, […]

Killer skunk

A short while ago I shared some tips on how I have dealt with problem skunks.  I had mentioned them to be pretty docile, and said that to the best of my knowledge I had never lost any chickens to them.  That all changed a few hours after I had gone to bed last night. […]

Columbus Day…Why I plan to observe it…always!

  OK…Here’s the deal. 1492 was a VERY long, long, LONG time ago. Nobody alive today knows anybody that had anything to do with Christopher Columbus. Maybe the man was a jerk, maybe he was a saint. None of us will ever know, unless somebody invents a time machine, and checks him out. One thing […]

The great Sebasticook Lake drawdown conspiracy

Every autumn, the water level on Sebasticook Lake in Newport is partially drained, for the winter. Then in the spring the dam is closed, and the water is allowed to rise in time for the summer festivities Last year the water level was the lowest I had ever seen it since I first started ice-fishing there. […]

Is your kid trying to guilt you into a sick day?

My kid hates school. I don’t mean he dislikes it with a passion, he HATES it. It is a fight to get him out of bed more often than it isn’t. He has started in already with the old, “I don’t feel good routine”. Last year we gave him the benefit of the doubt. In […]

Got skunks? You can handle them! I’ll tell you how!

  A sure sign of autumn is the smell of skunks in the yard. If you are fortunate, you get the “skunk from a distance” smell, that many folks, myself included, find to be rather pleasant. To me, the distant smell of a skunk is reminiscent of ‘Triscuit’ crackers. But if you are not so […]